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About Us

Who we are

  • Backyard Online (BCK YRD) is a news and photographic agency which boasts an online news platform to publish some of its content – which reflects the views of ordinary people. 
  • BCK YRD is targeted at closing the gap that has been left open by outlets such as DRUM of the 50’s, BONA and Sowetan etc.
  • Our team is made up of journalists and photographers who have experience which spans across all SA major media outlets. 
  • The company is 100% black owned and is registered with CIPC.


The opportunity for BCK YRD is in the knowledge that heritage makes up a very important sector of any country; and that, heritage itself is divided into many different cultural aspects, including photography and storytelling/journalism, which, in our view, play a major role in documenting the history and the heritage of any nation. Other opportunities are thus in the following:

  • Feel good stories 
  • Positive & inspirational 
  • Feature stories which focus on social conditions (These require travel time, research and investigative effort) 
  • Pictures stories with special attention to revisiting historical moments/venues and personalities


Our mission is to uplift communities through the medium of storytelling. Our strategy is as follows:

  • We aim to ensure that local stories are told specifically by local journalists.
  • Report from the ground. 
  • Create an alternative and reliable news outlet.
  • Create opportunities of employment among the youth.
  • Absorb the retrenched journalists and photographers back into the field within which they are familiar and are experts. 


Our advantage as a news and photographic agency is that our focus and attention are strictly on creating unique and meaningful content for our clients. Our production is digital based to ensure that we worry less about unnecessary costs such as printing and delivery.


Our stories are not deadline bound; that they are in depth, thoroughly investigated and executed with the intention to alter social conditions. We consider ourselves as more than just reporters but advocates for social change and justice. We have an opportunity, through commissioned services, to do special projects for all media outlets across the country.


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