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The situation is much more serious than anyone thinks…

By Hadebe Hadebe

1. You live in a house that some gifted to you
2. You drive a car you were gifted
3. Someone pays for your kid’s school fees
4. Someone buys you monthly groceries
5. Strangers deposit thousands of rands to your bank account
6. Someone screams at managers daily as if they were his or her children
7. You demand bodyguards since you hold public office, but after reshuffle you drink with us in Alex without a single bodyguard
8. You join politics to make money, not to help people access goods and services

ANC suppoters celebrating the ascendance of Cyril Ramaphosa into the Presidency, 2019. PHOTO: Mdu Ndzingi

9. You have never worked or earned experience anywhere but you get elevated to oversee budgets worth billions of rands
10. Public office is about friends, girlfriends and family
11. When your wife is pregnant, somebody else takes her to medical checkup appointments
13. Public office is about show-off and flaunting ill-gotten wealth
14. SBV moves less money than you in stacks of cash in black plastic bags
15. You are prepared to kill your brother or comrade to access money
16. You sleep with your friend’s or comrade’s wife in show of pseudo-power and brute
17. You sleep will all men just to access positions
18. You lie, lie, lie…
19. You insult the world each time you open your mouth
20. You invest little or no time to knowing your area of responsibility because you are in a business of looting, boasting and looking down on others
21. You are the wealthiest among your peers yet you have no business
22. You own a fleet of cars larger than Hatfield VW or McCarthy that you bought with stolen money
23. You have farms and properties in Zimbali, Hartebeespoort, Bishop’s court, etc. that you bought with stolen money
24. Since you have farms and have everything for “free” you cannot associate with the plight of the people who still await their freedom
25. You take money for feeding poor kids, elderly and other vulnerable people
26. All you think about is the next conference because you are worried about your lavish lifestyle and conspicuous consumption
27. Suddenly everybody is a fool to you.
28. You use your office to facilitate dodgy business deals
29. All big contracts are about money and not fulfilling a public function
30. Your position in politics is about acting as a dark angel of forces of evil such as large businesses, criminal gangs, etc.
Politics and capital work in cahoots to impoverish black people for good.
No Zondo Commission will save you from this, it rains cats and dogs.

Siya yi banga le economy!

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