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Lending a helping hand during the COVID 19 pandemic

It is so refreshing to see that people are coming up with initiatives in order to soften the blow, in their respective fields/industries, for those people affected by the pandemic.


This is happening throughout; even lawyers are doing it. I believe that this is one of the things that sets us apart as a nation.It’s true that the relief fund will not reach everyone. The labour Minister also made it clear that freelancers had fallen through the cracks. This means that many of the journalists and photographers who are no longer employed in the mainstream have no relief fund to access.As the South Africa Media Personnel Organisation we would like to propose that media practitioners do the same. This way we can at least ensure that freelancers in our field can be assisted in some way.


It doesn’t have to be much. Anything, no matter how little, will go a long way to someone who needs it.Remember this can happen to anyone. This is no time to be judgmental, only time to open our hearts. From my side I am happy to donate R500. Anyone is welcome to donate, it’s not only limited to media practitioners. Please inbox me for details of where to send the donation. Or send an email to And don’t worry, we are not politicians, the donations will go to where they are intended.Lastly, I know that this will require a lot of self introspection.


Please find it in your heart and donate something. We are doing this for someone else today, tomorrow it may be yourself, and we will do the same.



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